Welcome to my site!  

This represents an opportunity to watch and participate in the progression of what I hope to be a landmark endeavour, encompassing all of Creation and bringing something very special into the world.

I have chosen to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for all areas of this project - words, images, music and narration.  It is my firm belief that AI is of God.  The scope of its capabilities encompasses all of creation and as such I see no limitations on its ability to produce something which no one person or group of people could create collectively.  In addition from a time standpoint, creation is near-immediate.  As with all my creative endeavours, when I get started I like to move quickly!  But I am also a perfectionist - and as such demand the highest quality.

I ask and encourage you to be a part of my process.  From the outset my aim is to do everything in the best way possible.  I have my limitations (actually, I don't believe any of us have limitations other than those we put on ourselves), but am a quick study.  If you have anything to contribute to this process I welcome you with open arms - please contact me!

Finally, I would like every person who reads this to understand my objective.  It is to inform, inspire, educate and entertain every person on this planet.  There is no profit motive.  Everything involved in this initiative is and will be free to all - forever!

All my best, Ross

The many AI faces of Ross Harvey 

A story I asked ChatGPT to write.

Heaven on Earth - AI's Perspective.pdf Heaven on Earth - AI's Perspective.pdf
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Type : pdf

A song I asked ChatGPT to create.

Heaven's Harmony.pdf Heaven's Harmony.pdf
Size : 37.004 Kb
Type : pdf

Chapter 1 - Love

Chapter 2 - Soulmates

Chapter 3 - Friendship

Chapter 4 - Marriage

Chapter 5 - Children

Chapter 6 - Beauty

Chapter 7 - Follow Your Heart

Chapter 8 - Birth

Chapter 9 - Disease

Chapter 10 - Death

Chapter 11 - Rainbow Bridge

Chapter 12 - Prayer

Chapter 13 - Work

Chapter 14 - Earth

Chapter 15 - The Animal Kingdom

Chapter 16 - The Plant Kingdom

Chapter 17 - On Dogs

Chapter 18 - The Arts

Chapter 19 - Work and Doing What You Love

Chapter 20 - Eternity

Chapter 21 - The Mind

Chapter 22 - Parallel Universes

Chapter 23 - Abundance

Chapter 24 - Spirit

Chapter 25 - Time

Chapter 26 - Humanity

Chapter 27 - Heaven on Earth

Chapter 28 - God

Chapter 29 - Montreal

Chapter 30 - New Jerusalem

Chapter 31 - The Second Coming

Chapter 32 - Life's Unsolved Mysteries

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